Starting a new business requires energy and dedication, a time for ideas and plans. Its also a time to ensure the structure, or type of business is set up to be sustainable and tax efficient.

We are often approached by potential new clients who have nothing more than a business idea. Our free initial consultation is a great opportunity to discuss this idea and look at all the aspects that would be involved in turning that idea into an actual business. More often that not, clients setting up a business have a lot of experience in their trade or profession but little knowledge of how to run a business. We can tailor our services to suit each individual. Some businesses are more than capable of taking care of their day to day bookkeeping and just need our help when it comes to accounts and tax returns, whilst other businesses prefer to have nothing to do with this side of the business and use our bookkeeping services as well as our accounts and tax services.

We will work with you to talk through your plans and advise you on all aspects of setting up your new venture.